There Is A Difference Between What Jesus Did For You and What Jesus Did To You

When I was 22 years old, God gave me a series of revelations that changed my life forever. One of those revelations was this: there is a difference between what Jesus has done for you, and what He has done to you—and you’ve been missing out on what He has done to you!

There is a major difference between what Jesus did for us, and what He did to us. You see, Jesus died for our sins—but what He did to us, was cause us to be re-birthed as the perfect sons of God, who look like Him (1 John 4:17).

In essence, everything Jesus did for us was purposed to accomplish what He would do to us. In this, the focal point of Jesus’ mission was not what He would do for us, but rather what He would cause to happen to us. What Jesus did for us (dying for our sins) was not the purpose of His mission, but the means to the end-goal of what He would do to us (rebirth into the likeness of God)!

The focal point of Jesus’s mission was not what He would do for us, but rather what He would cause to happen to us.

Most Christians are well aware of what Jesus has done for them, but they have little understanding of to what has happened to them as a result. They’re focused on the journey, not the glorious destination in which they now stand! My friend, if the devil can’t stop you from getting saved, he will do the next best thing he can—cause you to miss the point. The point of all Jesus did for you culminates at the glorious end of what He did in your re-birth.

My friends, God is calling His children to focus on what happened to them, when they were born-again. The key to godly and power-filled life that looks like the life Jesus lived, is found there.

Watch this 2 minute video, in which I speak on this topic:

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Hizkias Neway is a bible teacher and author. Hizkias is the founder and pastor of BelovedNation church, in Washington DC.

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