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Created For ?

“Why do I exist?”

Ever asked yourself this question? Of course you have! Every human being that has existed and will exist, has and will ask this question. It’s a simple, yet foundational question that cannot go unanswered. Without the correct answer to this question, no person can live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

So let’s answer this very important question. WHY DO WE EXIST? Better yet, WHY DID GOD CREATE US? Many Christians believe that God created them to worship Him or to glorify Him. There is a level of truth in this answer, but it is only some truth and what it lacks in the remainder of the whole truth, disqualifies it from being the correct answer. The correct answer is that God did not create us to worship Him but to love us. The difference between the two answers is much bigger than you may imagine. The former gives the notion that God is primarily interested in our worship of Him. The latter gives the notion that God is primarily interested in us. The difference is monumental.

Most Christians secretly hold a misconstrued view of God – one that paints Him as a king who is almost selfishly hungry for the praise and worship of men. I once had this wrong view of my Father. Although I never verbalized it, I essentially thought that what mattered most to God about me was the praise I had to offer him.  So I strived day after day, to “give God glory”, as a task I had to perform to please GodAll this stemmed from my misguided understanding that the purpose of my creation was to fulfill God’s need for my worship. This is wrong.

The truth is God has never needed anything from anyone, including worship (Acts 17:25). God is complete. He is completely satisfied and full…so much that bringing us into existence was His way of sharing His fullness with us! Did you know that God actually created you to share His quality of life with you? God created you so that you would be a “partaker of His Divine Nature”. (2 Peter 1:2-4)  Our creation was on God’s part, an act of such deep love, in which He was lavishing on us everything He had! God didn’t create us because He needed subjects to rule over…or because He needed servants to serve Him…or worshipers to tell Him how great He is. No, God created us to share His fullness with us! Our creation was purposed from God’s desire for us to have in us, the “life He has in Himself” (John 5:26).  And it is this life that He fought for through Christ to restore unto us, when we lost it because of our sins!

We were created to bask and delight in God’s love for us. Worship is our natural response to His love.

About the author

Hizkias Neway is a bible teacher and author. He is the founder of BelovedNation church in Washington DC.


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