Falling Up

I’m a computer geek. Yes, hidden beneath this façade of cool-hair and rockstar is a nerd that gets giddy over software code. That being said, allow me to impart into you some free knowledge – it’s worth quite a bit:


If you ever build a webapp or hire anyone to build it for you, make sure that in the case something goes wrong..that it  fails gracefully.  What do I mean? Well, let’s say you’re running Windows 95 on internet explorer…[I’m really sorry]. Your “modern website” is going fail pretty badly…so it is imperative that you have a “fallback version” of your site that won’t necessarily look as great, but will atleast be functional. It’s a matter of compatibility…a probable reason why Facebook bought whatsapp for $19billion and didn’t even bother with viber. There I go again with my nerdy self.


While it may be possible to preset an application to fail gracefully in the case that it fails, life doesn’t seem to have a “fallback version” of us to display in the scenario that we fall. When we fall it’s pretty bad. I mean there is really no cute way to miss the mark. If there was, Jesus did not have to endure what He did. Yes I’m talking about sin –  a happening so common in life, that many have become convinced that it’s presence in their life is as a guaranteed as the sunrise. Some wake up every morning, expecting to have surely failed someway…somehow before sundown. I mean, who are we kidding…the tally of our failures is overwhelming…to say the least. Yet, the innumerability of our failures doesn’t qualify sin as an indelible force in life…but rather as proof of humanity’s stubborn rebellion against God.



In spite of all our wrongs, we have been loved. Jesus…became Sin for the world..and caused us, who believed in His work, to become the very righteousness of God. What amazing news! Isn’t it? A relationship with God, freely restored by the doing His own Grace…and all that was required to was faith to believe it…and take it. Life has never been the same since…because it became new. And I assume that are probably like me…you have tasted this new life.



But if you are honest with yourself, maybe you will admit that there are days where you are tempted to doubt if you are really different from who you were before Jesus walked into your apartment…and here is why – you keep falling. I’ll be first to volunteer anywhere to disadvocate the deferring of perfection ’till heaven’. You got no excuse to fall – and neither do I. If sin was excusable, Jesus was not necessary. With such convictions, my moments of failure resonate with much higher frequency…frustration multiplies…and I’m tempted to wonder if I am really any different at all.



Godplease just leave me….I’m a mess…I keep letting you down…I don’t deserve You”  



The phrases probably sound familiar to words you’ve uttered before because you were tired of falling. Yet, what you heard back or you refused to hear probably left you perplexed – “When did you fall?” 



“What do you mean God…do you not remember?”



And He responds –  “What I do remember, my beloved, is you – My pure, perfect, and righteous kid. Man I love you!” Lookie here *UncleSi voice*….when God promised through Isaiah to “blot out your transgressions and remember your sins no more“, He was promising to never remember of your sins…timelessly. So the failures you see stuck in time, He has already forgotten outside of it. Wowzers – all He sees is you clothed as His righteousness. *praise break*



It amazes me…although life doesn’t have seem to have a “fallback version” of us to display in the scenario that we fall, God does. In the case that we do fall, we end up falling in the wrong direction. You may think you’re down. But you’re not…you’re in the air – Eph 2:6 to be exact.






this is The Way this is the motion .. let go now
this is the threat this is The Ocean .. let go now

..The hope is where His hand has bled




About the author

Hizkias Neway is a bible teacher and author. He is the founder of BelovedNation church in Washington DC.


  1. Booiiiiiiiyyee!! This is sooo “unadulteratedely” graced outt!!
    You blessed me immensely hiz!!! I thank God for you!
    I hunger for more! Please keep it coming! I love it! #”fallingup”

  2. It’s crazy how God knows the exact time when our hearts are ready to receive a certain message! Thank you for not sugar coating his truth. Can’t wait to read more. God bless you!

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