YOLO….you know you’ve said it once or twice. If you are more of the elegant type you’ve probably opted out for Carpe Diem. For those, who have no idea what YOLO means, don’t you worry…I got you covered. YOLO is a currently-popular acronym for the phrase “you only live once”. That being said…this saying is generally used as a source of motivation to do things that one would not typically do – usually something risky or dangerous. [Illustration]


Unintelligent uses of the term aside, I think YOLO can actually be used to motivate actions that are great and beneficial. But I have an issue with the term itself…a spiritual one. Think about it.



When we freely say terms like YOLO…what are we really saying?



There is a humanistic worldview that has been steadily growing rampant, especially over that past few decades. It has seeped within every fiber of society, in some, quite boisterously – with much force and controversy, and in others very subtly. It promotes a worldview with no God and consequentially, no real purpose for existence. And so…it beckons humanity to become its own ‘God’…rallying its members to do what they deem to be good in their own eyes, within the time frame that they will exist, making most of every moment – for they will only live once.



Sound familiar? Hmmm…I wonder. Could humanism be slyly penetrating to defy our core beliefs with terms like YOLO? Call me overly-cautious, but I cannot rule out a possibility. In fact, I am sure of it. The bible makes it certain that the thoughts we allow into our minds – even the seemingly innocent, and harmless ones – are powerful enough to stump the motion and even direction of our lives. They are seeds. And there’s a thing to be said about seeds…their power is measured by what they can become. No lumberjack toiling to cut down an oak tree underestimates the power of its seed. Sadly, we are so many times – we tend to wait until we are toiling to cut down an unwanted tree that has grown in our path, before we affirm the power of its seed…the seed we had deemed harmless, when we planted it.



Let’s awaken back to reality. Do we really live once? Is life a song once sung and forgotten about at its end? YOLO claims it is…and basing its worldview on this premise, advices that we should sing it out loudly and carelessly…because it will never be sung again. It suggests no repercussions or rewards after ‘once’ is done away with.


While this thought is seemingly wise and even a cute form of motivation to “make the most out of life”, it is nothing short of foolish. Life is not a song once sung! No! Life is a song once sung with no endonce will never be done away with. Maybe you didn’t know but we’re all moving. A time is coming when our visas on earth will be denied renewal. Yup, we’re leaving whether we like it or not.



 A time is coming when our visas on earth will be denied renewal.



The truth affirmed by reality is that you and I are to remain forever. Don’t let anyone fool you…you will never cease to exist. So it would only be prudent for you to know, to where you will make your move, and make the proper arrangements for you to make it there…because guess what, you will only be moving once


Perhaps, we should have a new catchphrase – YOMO …“you only move once”. I mean…it speaks more truth than YOLO. Do you want to really want “seize the moment”…to make “the most of your life”? You might need a paradigm shift – seeing that your will never cease to exist, make every sacrifice and take every risk to secure your eternal citizenship…and once you do, lead others there.



Make every sacrifice and take every risk to secure your eternal citizenship…and once you do, lead others there.



I tell you what…the reason people are disappointed when they can’t find purpose in life is because all know that they were made for a purpose. God has embedded the notion of “eternity in their hearts”. I assure you that you will never find purpose without God. Humanism won’t give it to you. Neither will riches nor love, fame nor charity. It’s because you were made for more. And if you are honest, you admit that have deeds you are ashamed of. You are a sinner. But I will offer you the truth that you can have a real relationship with a real God, a Father from whom you have been estranged because of your sins. Yet, He has still loved you. He has taken your sins and placed them on another – Jesus became Sin itself in place of the whole world that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have e v e r l a s t i n g life – a life that needs no improvement – a life that doesn’t need to stretch for purpose because it is full of it. Come to Him today. He loves you and awaits your return with open arms. Trusting Jesus with your eternity will be the most rewarding risk you will have ever taken with your life. #YOMO



About the author

Hizkias Neway is a bible teacher and author. He is the founder of BelovedNation church in Washington DC.


  1. YOMO!!!! lol :))

    Better not catch you say YOLO!..hehe. Awesome read!!! You’re totally not overly-cautious!! Truth & righteousness just can’t tolerate a hint of lies!


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