How To Take Over The World

Yup. I thought I’d find you here…fishing to satisfy that inner craving!


Your inner napoleon just could not resist my witty title…eh? I suspect that this will be my most popular blog yet. You know why? – Because deep down, everybody wants to take over the world – duh!


I’m only halfway joking because, believe me or not, this article is really about how to take over the world. I have come to fully accept that this is my calling in life…but not just mine…it’s also yours.


The greatest coup d’état conspiracy was contrived some 2000 years ago. An avid follower of, who is, without a doubt, the most influential man in history, and responsible for heading this conspiracy, records the plot in writing. The leader of this conspiracy is noted for claiming “all authority” as His own and inciting His followers to take over every inch of the earth to make all under His reign. You probably know who this man is by now…



“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…”


Matthew 28:18-20 NKJV


It’s obviously not you. But what a statement! Jesus knew who He was…and His goal was plain and simple – to take over this world. But guess what? When you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you became a member of the largest conspiracy in history – you might not want to put that in your resume. HAHA.


The bible refers to us Christ-followers as the ambassadors of God’s Kingdom (2 Corinthians 5:20) . But we’re not just ambassadors…because ambassadors are peaceful. You know, I always thought it would be pretty cool to be ambassador …you get to live in a pretty cool house and ride in limos and stuff. But I’ve found out that it’s rather different to be an ambassador of God – we are a different creed of ambassadors. You see, we don’t get to ride in comfortable limos – oh no! Rather, we ride in tanks and Humvees! This is because we are not just ambassadors – we are illegal, self-proclaimed “ambassadors” in a hostile land waging war against its kingdom to establish ours! We are the princes and therefore warriors of the Kingdom of God…fighting for the freedom others – to free them from sin…and bring them from the kingdom of death into the Kingdom of Life. We are the freedom fighters of the earth.


We are the freedom fighters of the earth.


Christianity is not a pacifist movement. It is not a “let’s-just-accept-each-other’s-beliefs-and-not-step-in-each other’s-shoes” movement. No…it is a war – a war against the devil to free the lost from the grips of sin and spiritual death…to save them from themselves.


Now, one thing to keep in mind about Jesus is that He accepted everyone…He loved all. And because He did, He never relented from telling The Truth for the fear of stepping on someone else’s shoes. In fact, He outspokenly claimed to be Truth, Life, and The Way to God (John 14:6). And now you and I have been called to take over the world with this truth – to be agents in a takeover not fueled by selfish ambition or gain, but everything selfless and loving.


Now onto the how! So…exactly how do we do it?


In the years I’ve spent in volunteering in youth ministry, I’ve come to take note of a trend that tends to take place shortly following conferences and retreats where youth have encountered God. Many become so gung-ho about the things of God, they suddenly want to drop everything and become “full time ministers”. Suddenly, everybody wants to become a pastor or a missionary. But what happened to other dreams of the future – you know…like becoming a doctor or a business professional?  They are suddenly abandoned for bible college


And I get it – this passion emanates from the place of experiencing God’s goodness and desiring that others do the same as well. It’s outcry of their calling to take over the world with the Love of God. Yet, I am convinced that unless God specifically calls you to drop everything to go into full time ministry, going about it that way is the sloppiest and least effective method of taking over the world as The Kingdom of God.



But what happened to other dreams of the future – you know…like becoming a doctor or a business professional? 



Consider this. How do great kingdoms advance? If you really think about it, there is a common trend that is rich with strategy –  kingdoms in advancement against other kingdoms, take individual cities at a time until they have successfully taken over whole kingdoms. Why? Because cities are powerful. They are the focal points of a kingdom…they are the places from which society as whole is shaped.


Now, I believe that this strategy of overtaking cities is highly relevant to our vision of taking over the world with The Kingdom of God. But I would like to ask you…what are our cities? I would argue that they are our classrooms, hospitals, courthouses, museums, cinemas, concert stages, Wall-Streets, and Silicon Valleys. The list is by no means all-inclusive…but I hope it drives the point home – you don’t have to be some sort of “full time minister” in order to advance the kingdom of God!


God has called you as His full time minister whether you are a student, a doctor, or a carpenter! The truth is that the way you can take over the world…is by being in the world. Your expertise in the world gives you access to cities that your pastor simply cannot reach cities full of influential citizens, who will never for one day set foot in a church or any Christian outreach event. God has called you to them.


The way you can take over the world…is by being in the world.


The reality is that we have an influx of pastors and “full time” ministers. What we need are people who step out as qualified professionals that carry this awesome news of Love to their respective cities! Are you one of them? I want to encourage you to always strive to be the best in your field…to strive to reach the top…to be one, whose words are admired and valued by the city. You will then be at highest hill from which you can shout the Truth of The Kingdom!


Take it from a man I regard well – Bono, the lead singer of U2, one of the most successful bands in history…





About the author

Hizkias Neway is a bible teacher and author. He is the founder of BelovedNation church in Washington DC.


  1. I’m just so blessed with people around me speaking my heart out-not necessarily those i know. I think we need more thinkers like you, my friend, and maybe that’s why this blog was written. I also think that wt Christians NEED to go out of our little ‘Christian’ bubbles and engage culture just as Jesus did; because that’s what he did, engaged a world and a system with principles almost completely unlike His. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for this. God bless you with an ever more increasing love for, knowledge of, and passion for Him. 🙂

  2. Very NICE!! Enjoy all of your blogs. *Strive to be the best in your professional field and when you reach the top, that’s when you can preach the gospel* Very true

  3. My all time fav!!!!!! soo refreshing!
    And great video! Dude you’re writing is as amazing as your musical skills! …

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