The Beauty of Today

I’m an unapologetic dreamer.


In fact, for a long time I was completely oblivious of just how foolish, the dreams which I unflinchingly expected to unfold in my life, may have sounded to those having to hear me talk about them. I would say something like…


“ Yeah dude! I’m so excited! God’s gonna do blah blah..! ” and people would look at me sarcastically like “ oh yeah? Good luck with that 


But you know what, I’ve come to learn that it’s totally cool for your dreams to sound foolish to others…because they’re not the ones pregnant with the dreamEven Jacob considered certain clauses of his son’s dream to be a bit absurd (Gen 37:10).


Now, I’ve come to take note of a common issue that dreamers like myself tend to face quite often. Maybe you are one of us…a zealously optimistic dreamer. You have no doubt that your dreams will come true – there’s no question about that. But there is just one struggle you can’t seem to shake off – the distraction of waiting for your dream to unfold. Anybody been there? 


The ironic thing is that, for the most part, this particular struggle is not induced by a negative cause – like for instance, a lack of faith in the validity of your dreams  but rather, the optimism and zeal that drive you.  Think about it – if you never had any optimism or zeal for your dreams, you wouldn’t face the struggle of waiting for them, because you wouldn’t be waiting for them at all. This is a strange struggle, which unlike many others, is one fueled by the good.


 It is impatience begotten of excitement and hope.


Have you ever been so excited for something that waiting for it was simply unbearable? That’s exactly how I feel sometimes…like a little boy who cannot wait for his birthday party on Saturday…but it’s only Wednesday…and Saturday is 10 weeks away. 


The truth is that zeal and optimism make the dream tangible for us…as it should be. Your dream should be just as real to you today as it will be on the day that it fully unfolds. Period.  Jesus taught,


” Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it ” (Mark 11:24)


This is the level of confidence and optimism we are to have towards our dreams. However, I have learned firsthand that these great qualities alone do not suffice in giving us the peace we should have while we travel the journey that takes us to our dreams. There is another quality, with which our confidence, zeal, and optimism must be supplemented in order for the whole picture to be complete.


Life is not about dreams…take that coming from a dreamer! Life is simply about enjoying existence – which translates to every moment…from the day of your birth all the way to eternity.  God wants you to enjoy now as much as you will enjoy tomorrowYet more often than not, our eyes are so zealously and optimistically fixed on the dreams of tomorrow…that we fail to enjoy the beauty of today.


Take a moment and go with me to Genesis 1. You know the story right?…you better 😛

Now consider this – when God set out on the mission to bring creation into existence, I am sure that He had envisioned what the completed picture of His creation would be like. Not only that, I am also certain that God was passionate and zealous about what He envisioned…and fully confident and optimistic in His ability to bring it into existence. Yet, if you notice, He did not make it happen all at once. Nope! He, in fact, took His time…and shaped creation into completion, piece by piece…detail by detail…and…taking the time along the journey to simply pause and “see that it was good.


Do you know what God was doing when He paused to see that His yet-uncompleted work was good? He was taking time to enjoy every moment, even those in which creation was not yet complete – those in which His vision had not yet fully unfolded. He could have very well made it all unfold instantaneously. But He didn’t. I believe there is something to take from that…the journey to the dream is as part of the dream as the fulfillment of the dream itself…and the joy of the journey to be enjoyable as is the joy of the fulfillment. 


Let me tell you something. You and I are called to be imitators of God (Eph 5:1 – in love & all things pertaining to life). My question to you is…are you taking time to enjoy now? Do you take time to pause and see the beauty of today?


Dear dreamer…be certain of this – the unfolding of your dreams will not only be effected by your confidence in their validity but also by your enjoyment of every moment leading to their fulfillment.



Enjoy the beauty of today…and you will enjoy beauty of tomorrow. 




About the author

Hizkias Neway is a bible teacher and author. He is the founder of BelovedNation church in Washington DC.


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