In an astronomy course I took while in college, the professor, on the very last day of the semester, surprised the entire class with news none of us expected him to utter. Hesitatingly, he commenced with, “um…what I’m about to tell you is quite embarrassing”. He continued on to say, “in the field of astronomy, we actually know very little compared to what we do not know. As a matter of fact, the things we are able to speculate about comprise only about 4%  of the known universe; 96% percent of the stuff out there, we have no idea what it is…or how to interact with it in any way that will lead us to a stable thesis concerning it.”


Now, mind you that this is a professor who had made bold and enormous claims about the cosmos throughout the entire semester. From the big-bang theory to other theories regarding the current state of the universe, he seemed to know it all – sadly without any room for God in his explanations. Yet, on that last day of the semester, the validity of an entire semester worth of bold claims and speculations about the universe suddenly diminished to questionability with those few words he uttered. I am certain that it wasn’t only I who thought…are you kidding me? wait..seriously? 4%…that’s all we know?!  It seemed as if the universe had suddenly gotten bigger – for even within that 4% there are a plethora of questions yet unanswered.


But as for me, I have never been without an answer! In fact, the “bigger the universe seems to get, the clearer the Answer becomes! Everywhere I look, whether it be the constellations of the night sky…or the neutrinos making up larger sub-atomic particles that are somehow knitting together my skin, I am met with Greatness that boisterously whispers of Infinite Majesty.  To my excitement, I have discovered that the Apostle Paul voices my exact emotion without flaw-


“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead…”  [Rom 1:20 NKJV]


Now, for a moment I’d like you to close your eyes…I’m joking. How could you possibly read the next instruction?


Take a moment and imagine yourself standing at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro…looking up into the clouds as you try to catch a glimpse of its summit. Get the picture? Now, picture yourself within the interior of the Grand Canyon, surrounded in all directions by cliffs of jaw-dropping magnitudes. Intimidated much? I know I surely am -I feel quite small and nearly insignificant. Here’s a secret that you may know…these are but tiny features in comparison to the entirety of the earth…and get this, the earth itself is less-than-tiny…so much that it’s almost non-existent in the scale of the universe! In light of all this, I personally can’t help but to allow my mind to be completely blown away by the intimidating scale, power, and beauty of the cosmos.


I purposely emphasized that I “allow” myself to be blown away. You know, many times we live simply oblivious and numb to the epic greatness and beauty that insistently surrounds us. It’s always there…but to us, it’s as if it doesn’t exist because we have unconsciously become used to it. We live wide-eyedyet not really seeing. I have vowed to live that way no longer. I have made the resolve to awaken and keep awake to the greatness that hovers over every waking moment of my life and this is what I have discovered – it makes me vividly aware of the greatness and eternal power of God!


Oh the epically-infinite greatness of God! 


There is absolutely nothing more intimidating than God. Think about it –if creation itself is intimidating…how much more it’s Creator? And one more the thing about God –He does not live in the fabric of space and time. There is no dimension that holds him. Rather, He is the Dimension that holds all dimensions. He is not found anywhere –but the set of all “where” is found in Him. Now consider Him…God, who holds all there is, within His hand. He is the very definition and model of GREATNESS. Consider Him. He is unmatched…He is Super!


In light of the intimidating nature of God’s greatness, the writer of Hebrews teaches that “God is a consuming fire” [Hebrews 12:29] and warns “what a dreadful thing it is to fall into the hands of The Living God” [Hebrews 10:31]. Ouch. How terrifying!


Yet, the truth is that God’s desire has never been intimidate us with His greatness. God will never use His greatness against you –as if to make you feel bad about yourself…as if to make feel inferior. He will never do that. God uses His greatness to intimidate only His enemies. It is only to them that He is a consuming fire.  But for us…who have been reconciled to Him through His Son, God uses His greatness instead to uplift us. His desire is for us to become fully aware of His greatness so that we may know from Whom we come. We are not strangers coming to pay homage to an all-powerful entity. No! You and I are the sons and daughters of this infinitely Great God. We come from Him (Gen 1:26) and so His disposition towards us as one of a father…but even that association doesn’t do Him justice…for He Himself is the Perfect Father –the very definition and model of fatherhood! He is our Dad!


If you take anything from this blog, this here is it: know that God always uses His Greatness coupled with His Love for you. He will never use His greatness and strength against you but for you. Even when we were sinners…while we were His enemies, God’s Love and infinite strength were both in action for our good to save us from ourselves. How much more now? (Romans 5:8)


Know that in the light of all His greatness and glory, God is indeed saying to you…


“Hey you! You are my offspring. You are always welcome to sit on my lap, to dine on our table. I have given you my Kingdom as your inheritance. You are a co-heir with my Firstborn Son (Romans 8:29)…Jesus”


God is not just great…but our Great Father! He is SuperDad 🙂

About the author

Hizkias Neway is a bible teacher and author. He is the founder of BelovedNation church in Washington DC.


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